December 31, 2007

Now That’s What I Call Censorship

I used to think that the songs in the “NOW” collections were exactly the same as the originals.  Guess that’s true if it’s the safe ones […]
December 30, 2007

Time Warner Cable Connection Problems

Ever since Time Warner took over Adelphia Cable in my area, my Internet Connection hasn’t been the same.  And I don’t mean for the better.  I […]
December 29, 2007

Easily Terminate Speaker Cable

One of the things on my recent list of “To-Do” items was to buy some terminators for my home theater speaker cables.  Originally I was hoping […]
December 28, 2007

Travel Necessity: Sudoku

Whenever my travels involve flying, I like to take along my Nintendo DS.  My all time favorite shoot-em-up game is Space Invaders.  It kinda takes me […]
December 27, 2007

Test Leads or Connectors

When I work on consumer electronics, especially a computer, something requires connecting to a power source at some point.  Usually it happens to be in a […]
December 26, 2007

Outlook 2007

Maybe I'm the only one, but I think it's strange that Microsoft doesn't offer their email app Outlook 2007 in the Office 2007 Professional Suite.  Instead […]
December 25, 2007

Cable Modem Signal Levels

Ever since the days of @HOME, my high-speed Internet access has been via cable modem.  And so far there’s always been a Motorola Surfboard modem to […]
December 24, 2007

If you only knew the power of Klipsch!

  What was that famous line?  In the SpiderMan 2 movie, Dr. Otto Octavius remarks "The power of the Sun – in the palm of my […]
December 23, 2007

Label your Cable Box

If you live in a house, and have several rooms with TVs, having a Dymo LabelWriter 400 Turbo can be handy.  Of all the projects I […]
December 22, 2007

3GP Movies

During Thanksgiving weekend I got for free DVDCopy5 (interVideo) as part of a special deal from Fry’s Electronics.  I could care less that it says it […]
December 19, 2007

Asus Eee PC Touchscreen

December 17, 2007

Cool Wallpapers and Icons

If you’re looking for cool wallpapers (desktops) and icons for your computer, a great place to check is InterfaceLIFT.  One of my favorite wallpapers is called […]
December 16, 2007

Nero 8 Setup Options

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve grown tired of software which constantly bugs with some form of adverts for another program.  Nero seems to do this […]