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December 28, 2007
Time Warner Cable Connection Problems
December 30, 2007

Easily Terminate Speaker Cable

Monster Cable Quick Lock

One of the things on my recent list of “To-Do” items was to buy some terminators for my home theater speaker cables.  Originally I was hoping to get a hold of the Adapta-tip connectors from Acoustic Research.  Then I could attach either spade, pin, or banana style tips.  But alas I couldn’t find them in a local store.  After much hesitation I caved and bought 5 packages of Monster Cable QuickLock banana connectors.  These worked out great since they don’t require crimping.  After you insert the speaker wire you fan out the copper and screw down the top portion and it’s done!  Not cheap at $20 x 5 ($100.00), but it delivers the sound!!!

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