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January 11, 2008
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January 13, 2008

Capture Internet Radio

Emc10_gadgetOne feature of Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 that got my attention is that it can record Internet Radio.  However, the way it does that is not made clear on the product box.  It almost sounds like the product has some special "MediaPlayer" that can handle this feat.  Instead, there is a gadget that can sit in your Windows Vista Sidebar (You thought that sidebar was really useless, didn’t you?  You’re still right!) or DESKTOP and record from virtually any audio source.  Not what I was hoping for, but it does what it claims.  Just don’t expect it to download songs, keep them as separate files, and tag them for you.


  1. jeff says:

    Actually, if you want a program that records and converts, check out Replay AV and Replay Converter (they come together for about $49 or so)
    You can read about them here:
    P.S. Make a post on the forum if you need any help or have any questions, i’m on there all the time and will respond (plus, it’s brand new so I dont have many members, haha)

  2. Thomas Wolf says:

    Thanks for posting that information, Jeff. I’ve seen those software before but others should know about them too.

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