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January 27, 2008
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January 28, 2008

Wireless Router for your Cell Phone Service

Wrt54g3gstLast year, I was browsing the computer section of a store and noticed a man and his wife who were shopping for a new Mac.  I asked him if he really needed to buy right away since the new OS/Leopard and iLife ’08 would soon be released.  My recommendation was to wait if he could so he could save some change – If he bought right away, his machine would have the older softwares on it.

He thanked me for my advice and then asked whether I knew of a router (by brand name) capable of working with cellular service.  I did not then, but now I have found out that LinkSys/Cisco has two models.  One works with AT&T (WRT54G3G-AT) and the other with Sprint (WRT54G3G-ST).  Don’t know if they work with other carriers, but find out here.

09/20/2008 (update) – Found a company called CradlePoint Technology who makes a router that does broadband via celluar.

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