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February 8, 2008
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February 9, 2008

About Us


Thomas Wolf – The guy who put this website on the Internet.  My favorite TV shows are Lost, Fringe, and House.  I love to eat sushi (including sashimi) and Korean BBQ Bulgogi meat.  Around the tender age of 13, I became very interested in computers.  Later on this fascination grew to include most kinds of consumer electronics.  Currently, I am into home automation, security, and entertainment.  My home is near West Los Angeles, CA.

UpgradeFever.com – This is my website and blog too of course.  It will naturally reflect my interests, not just with technology, but other miscellaneous things as well.  In addition, Upgrade Fever® is the name of my business.  I work independently, am contracted, and also work privately and/or choose not to disclose an employer.  Feel free to contact me at the address in my photo above.  Thank you for visiting my site and add a comment or two if so inspired.


Toys & Tools – Many of today’s technology users do not favor VHS tapes or corded telephones, but just the same, anyone would tell you what they do like to use.  And since you’re probably wondering, read on to find out what I like to use.  Be forewarned:  These list(s) are subject to change frequently and may be in no particular order!

HTPC System

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