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February 9, 2008
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February 11, 2008

Delete Monitor Profile Defective


It seems that one day Windows Update (Vista Home Premium) showed me something available for my Samsung monitor (SyncMaster 216BW) so I went along with the update.  Ever since I’ve been getting this error message from Adobe Photoshop Elements 6, [The monitor profile “Samsung – Natural Color Pro 1.0 ICM” appears to be defective…] and images displayed in Windows Photo Gallery were very yellowish.

After digging around in the Control Panel which is how I spend my weekends I found a way to reset things the way they were.  A way to delete this error causing headache.


Here are the steps I took:

Right-click somewhere empty on the desktop and choose “Personalize”.
Next, select the “Display Settings” option and then “Advanced Settings”.
Choose the tab for “Color Management” and click the “Color Management” button.
Now choose the tab for “Advanced” and click the “Change System Defaults” button.
Select the offending profile and click the “Remove” button.
In my case it is Samsung Natural Color Pro 1.0 ICM.
Click on the tab for “All Profiles” and again select the offending profile.
Go ahead and click on “Remove” and select “Yes” to delete it from the machine.
Close the Window.  Reboot for good measure!

Don’t worry if afterwards your screen (like the one above) shows no profiles associated with your device.  Windows will use the default profile, sRGB IEC61966-2.1, which it does when you haven’t installed any profiles.  At the very least, these steps should help you start over.


  1. Sharon says:

    Wow. Thank you so much! Your suggestion did the trick, no more error message. :0)

  2. T. Wolf says:

    Glad it worked for you!

  3. Katseviool says:

    Super! Thanks for the info, it also worked for me 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great, this really helped me. I have a Samsung SyncMaster T200 and also got this problem ever since I downloaded a Windows Update for it.
    Thanks a lot!

  5. Jack says:

    Hi, I tried this and it seems to not work!I did everything right but when I need to delete the offending profile from my pc, an error comes up and tells me that I cant delete it!I dont know what to do.

  6. Serge says:

    I Cant delete my profile either >.< and my gamma it's all messed up! what can I DO yo remove this profile, Please.

  7. Serge says:

    I’m Using Windows Vista ULTIMATE x64… my problem persist, I wonder if i can fix this if i Instal Windows XP MCE >.< It's really anoying =(
    Thx, I hope some1 find a way to fix this and delete that profile. or a way to restore to system defaults and fix the Samsung profile or something! T_T

  8. T. Wolf says:

    For the guys this didn’t work for, sorry to hear that. Are you using Windows Vista Home Premium? I had this problem occur when using Vista Home Premium so my method might not work for you if you’re using Windows XP, etc.

  9. Ricardo says:

    thanks also worked for me

  10. Esben says:

    Thank you!
    Had this problem for more than a year!

  11. Bob Wallace says:

    Thanks very much for the “Heads up”….that message was beginning to get on my nerves every time I started Photoshop.
    The solution works just fine…..and I am running Vista Ultimate x64

  12. Onur says:

    thank you for the post. It didn’t help me either, I have Vista Home Premium and it says that I cannot remove it. Now I chose the default sRGB profile that you have written and going to restart. I hope it will work this way.

  13. Onur says:

    Now it has worked. I did the first removal step but in the second one I couldn’t remove samsung update. anyways I chose sRGB profile that you have recommended, restarted and everything is fine now. thanks a lot.

  14. Daniel says:

    In relation to the problem of profiles not deleting in Vista, keep in mind that you may have to right-click and click ‘Run as Administrator’. This is relative to the User Control module packaged in Vista (for security).
    I’m having this issue after installing the recent Windows Update driver package for the Samsung monitors on this system. This is the same issue present as when installing the Samsung drivers from disc or from the Samsung web site.
    The only way I’ve had complete success was by using Device Manager and choosing ‘Roll Back Driver’ when viewing monitor Properties under Monitors.

  15. Shun says:

    Wow thanks this was pissing me off and i’ve been searching for over an hour to figure it out. Thanks!

  16. john says:

    i have a 2333sw and just installed win7 after the update it made all my photos yellowish and i thought i was crazy. after opening photoshop and it giving me that profile ICM error i went and looked around a bit.
    if you add to the list of icm files the Adobe ICC Profiles this corrects the problem just make sure you make that the default one or you will get that yellowish back.

  17. T. Wolf says:

    Thanks for the tip, John. Having some options is a good thing. Glad this post has helped a bunch of people. I appreciate your comments.

  18. BJ says:

    I did the above and the problem continued.
    -I have duel monitors so you have to do it for both select each monitor from the dropdown.
    -if you can delete the profile you can add the adobe RGB ICM profile and set it as the default then you can delete the Samsung Natural Color Pro 1.0 ICM. again if you have duel monitors you need to do this for both.
    -also if you don’t like adobe profile you can create your own profile through adobe Gamma under the control panel. and then set that as your default profile.
    -after changing the profile YOU HAVE TO REBOOT! I noticed the first reboot after changing the profile that it took a long time the screen went black for like 5 mins Don’t worry its your computers only loading the profile.. go get a beer and watch some sport 🙂
    -if your screen doesn’t come back in 15mins then you’ll need to hard boot ouch! but windows will then ask you to boot in safe mode no need to do this window vista and 7 are smart and will load a compatible profile. best of luck

  19. tannooba says:

    Oh no! I deleted my profile as suggested above and now windows 7 won’t come back. It’s been hours.
    Any suggestion? I tried the F8 method to bring back in safe mode but it didn’t work. H E L P !!!!

  20. tannooba says:

    Never mind … I was rebooting by pushing the power down button on the front of the desktop. But when I disconnected the power cable from the back the reboot worked.

  21. Robbie says:

    Wowsa. I “heart” you.

  22. Hidduh says:

    Oh my god I love you. Thank you so much!

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