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February 16, 2008
Viruses through Search Engine Results
February 18, 2008

Save to PDF

Something that I’ve been figuring out over the last several years is how to save my receipts for things that I purchase.  Do I save my images as .JPGs or .TIFFs or .PDFs?

Well, I have come to settle on using .PDFs as the best way for me.  The format prints well when you need a duplicate of the original.  Text words can be searched if the OCR recognizes and embeds the right information.  And image-editors, like PhotoShop can handle the format if one needs to use all or part of it for another purpose.

One tip I offer is to make the filename descriptive if you can.  So FILE.PDF is vague, while Sony_HDTV65.PDF will make easier identification of a scan.

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