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June 15, 2008
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DVD Notables 07.24.2008

Over the past week I’ve seen a few movie releases on DVD.  Thought I’d comment on them:

Cleaner – Ed Harris, Samuel Jackson, and Eva Mendes are in this movie.  With a star cast like that it’s hard not to like this movie.  Definitely worth a rental!  Samuel Jackson plays a guy who "cleans" up places where people have died and left a bit of mess in the process.  Business is good for him until something in his past pays him a visit.

21 – "Winner, Winner, Chicken dinner!" is about as much enjoyment I got from this movie.  Without Kevin Spacey and Laurence Fishburne, this film seemed like a poor waste of my time.  I say that because it didn’t seem original enough since it reminded me of another, much better movie, called Rounders with Matt Damon.

Blood Brothers – Ni Hao (Chinese for "Hello"), we can’t do an English dub for this film because our budget is not so big.  We give to you subtitles if you don’t speak or understand Mandarin.  That’s fine, really, except make it more obvious (no English audio) before I go home with the movie.  But I felt like this movie is actually a soap opera – a bad one.  Save your money unless that’s what you like.  Sorry if I seem bitter on this.

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