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August 5, 2008
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August 12, 2008

My Top App Store Apps from Apple

Each day I’m glad to see the App Store from Apple is growing with new titles.  So far, I do have a few favorite or "Top" Apps for my iPod Touch and those are…

+ Bejeweled 2 ($) – I fell in love with the original game when my cellphone was a Motorola v600.  In this version it’s certainly easier to play on the iPod Touch, yet seems lacking somehow with the music and sound effects.  The graphics are beautiful and it plays very well so it is still a worthy title for my library.

+ DizzyBeeFree – This is one cute game!  It uses the accelerometer feature very well.  The graphics, music, and sound effects are all good.  I’m not sure yet whether to buy it or not since I know I won’t play it that much.  But it is very well done in my opinion.

+ eBay Mobile – If you buy and sell on eBay you should get this.  Sure, the iPod Touch and iPhone have a decent mobile web browser … which needs to have FLASH support, Apple! … but it can be tough on the eyes and fingers at times.  This app at least will make it easier to check your listings.

+ Google Mobile – The app that makes it that much better to search via Google on your iPod Touch and iPhone.  It is easy to read and will offer suggestions which can save a whole lot of finger-typing.  This can also search your Contacts list!

+ myLite Flashlight and Colored Strobe – Maybe the longest title in the App Store!  Just a fun program that entertains by providing a custom source of light from your screen.  My favorite choice is the Rock Concert which puts a BIC lighter on your screen.

+ PhoneSaber – Use the FORCE.  Nope, I’d rather use a lightsaber!  Put the PhoneSaber in your hand by installing this app.  Right now, though, you’d have to get it from the Internets as THQ wanted it (? temporarily) taken down.  But once you’ve mastered the torrents Google, the sound effects of a lightsaber are at your disposal.

+ SUDOKU ($) – The popular Japanese puzzle game is now on the popular Touch screen.  It does take time to learn how to play for a beginner.  And it takes a lot of time to actually play so great for an airplane ride.  I was introduced to the game on the Nintendo DS through the program Brain Age.  I do like this version better, but it’s just too easy to tap the wrong number without a stylus.

+ Tip – Last but not least.  Want to easily figure out the tip amount with the total for a service?  This app will get the job done with a nice interface to boot!  It will even break up the total by the number of people if you’re in a relatively small group.

I’m hoping that Apple’s App Store will continue to grow and be enormous in size with more titles being added every day.  And if wonders never cease, I look forward to seeing the following three apps:

1.  Taipan – I want the game to have the same flava it had back on the Apple 2.  Maybe a ROM emulator app also…  Okay, I’m really dreaming!

2.  Skinz – Please release an app that with any user can skin ( theme ) their own preference of icons on the iPod Touch or iPhone.  I don’t care to jailbreak my iPod for this feature, so how else can one easily get rid of the stupid Sunflower PHOTO icon!

3.  File Storage – Sure, there are a few apps now that let you move files to your device.  But using wi-fi to do this is pretty lame if you have a cable.  Let’s get this feature and fast.


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