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August 19, 2008
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September 30, 2008

Files versus DataCase and 100 pages

Wow, the App Store hit 100 pages today!  Thank you to all the developers for the iPod Touch and iPhone!!!

I use Win XP/Vista and Mac OS 10.5 and was looking for a compatible App that lets me carry my files around on my iPod Touch.  Today I bought Files because the WebDav protocol sounded like it worked really well.  Don’t believe it if you use Windows!  Even after installing the Microsoft update for WebDav (and you will probably need to), it was no joy to get it to work or even use.

Files is very pretty and easy to navigate while using it on the iPod Touch, but unless FTP support is coming I would go with the App called DataCase which does use FTP.  Don’t worry about the FTP protocol because Windows has a very easy and simple version built into it’s file browser aka Windows Explorer.

Anyways, I ended up buying DataCase today also because of the misery WebDav caused me.  DataCase could use a prettier interface, but it’s not bad looking.  It is very easy to transfer files on Windows or Mac OS.  Because it just works, I prefer DataCase.  FYI – Neither App handles movie chapters, photo slideshows and slide to the next photo, or jumping around a multipage PDF file.  Makes me wish I could run OS X on my iPod Touch… Dream on, right?!?

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