Files versus DataCase and 100 pages
August 23, 2008
Changes in Apple’s App Store
October 1, 2008

DVD Notables 09.30.2008

Lucky me… I got the day off from work today!  Took the non-paid time and spent it renting some movies.  Hey, for about a buck ($1.08 total) you can rent DVD’s if you have a RedBox in your neighborhood.  Thank goodness for that.  I picked up Forgetting Sarah Marshall and you can forget that one!  88 Minutes starring Al Pacino is a good rent.  How come it didn’t get reviewed so well and the Sarah Marshall movie did better, I dunno.  Maybe it’s ME.  Oh, and of course Iron Man is definitely a good rent.  I would have bought it, but the movie industry dropped HD-DVD and they don’t get no BLU-ray dollars from me.  No sir!

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