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Nero 9 Upgrade Offers and Thoughts

Nero 9 Upgrade Offers

It's that time of year when several software companies are releasing the new versions of old favorites.  Among them is Nero 9 and you might wonder how good is the offer you might have got via email.  In the above shot you see a web offer sent me via email that shows an upgrade price of $59.99.  Maybe even better is the Fry's Ad (from newspaper) showing $49.99 after mail-in rebate. 
I went for store bought though I hate sending in for rebates.

As for Nero 9 it seems that not too much has changed from version 8.  On the plus side I thankfully don't see Nero Scout anywhere – so far!  Also, my pre-version 9 HD-plugin works and  I can enjoy movies with DTS audio.  I have yet to play with the Media Center plugin but hope it supports 4 high def tuners since VMC doesn't natively.  The Nero 9 installation options are more user friendly though somewhat buggy if you don't use the Nero Cleaner Tool (must download from  So far I have not seen any of those annoying patent activation notices that plagued version 8.
UPDATE: 01-01-2009 Patent activation is STILL there!

For me it's been worth the upgrade so far.  I would like to complain, though, that between the applications in the Nero suite (including version 7, 8, and 9) it seems like they are made independent of each other and don't have integration planned too well.  For example, in Nero Recode you can crop edit your video.  Why can't this be done in Nero Vision which is the video editing application in the Nero suite?  Maybe in Nero 10…

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