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January 1, 2009
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A few years back, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), I came upon a wired ethernet bridge technology that seemed very promising.  This introduction could have also been used for Powerline (electrical wiring) networking, HomePNA (phone wiring), but is actually for MoCA which is through the cableTV or coaxial wiring in a home.

And after spending a couple of weeks using it myself and installing it for others, I have to say that so far the NETGEAR MoCA adapter has been well received.  Personally I enjoy having one computer running Windows Media Center on Vista (VMC) downstairs, while family are able to watch in different bedrooms HDTV recorded shows at the same time!  Try doing that with high speed wireless-N…

Not everyone who buys this MoCA adapter is going to use it for the same reason.  But when I bought it for $199 plus tax (contains two adapters per kit) at Fry’s Electronics, I knew there was value in it for me.  For that price there was a lot less crawling around in the attic or underneath a house to add a new networking device.  No settling for wireless-slow or wireless-no file transfers from PC to PC on my network.  The ability to move stuff up to 270 Mbps for reals when HD shows typically runs 30-35 Mbps is just what gets me started.

While it’s true that those other wired methods I mentioned earlier do seem to hold promise, MoCA does appear to deliver it the best so far and much faster and more reliably.  Sure, if I could easily run CAT 5e inconspicuously it would be my choice instead.  Let’s just say I’m not a master carpenter yet.

For most people who want an easier and reliable networking solution without likely tearing up a wall or floor, this product is the goods.  Some might be a little confused during the setup process, but I hope those tech support people at NETGEAR can really help them.  I can’t say that they heard from me when I had a problem:  A few of the adapters were not set to the same frequency out of the box so they didn’t see the others.  No big deal unless you don’t catch it and think what’s wrong with this thing.

There is an installation utility CD that comes with the kit.  I recommend you do use it to verify the frequency, set the device password, and utilize encryption.  It’s actually very easy, really.  One welcome feature I want to mention is that this device let’s you shut off the LED status lights.  In my bedroom it bugs me that I’m looking at all these LED’s (router, cable modem, switch, DVD, etc.).

When you need a solution to get Hulu, Netflix, or the Internet in general to your living room TV, take a closer look at this product.  If you need to get a stronger cable modem signal by moving your router and modem closer to the source, try adding this to your network to bring your other devices online.  So many uses now more possible than before.  The product warns incompatibility with satellite TV signals, but my installs with homes that have CATV (analog & digital) as well as Internet VOIP from the cable company went smoothly.  Check it out!

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