April 16, 2009
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June 20, 2009

Dvd Rental Sources


Back in the day, when VHS tape was the prevalent format for movie watching at home, I can remember getting my rentals from Wherehouse Music, Blockbuster Video, or 20-20 Video.  Over two decades later I avoid most rental sources because of time/cost/distance, and choose to use a few that still get me out of the house.

First up is the RedBox kiosk.  You can find them around local supermarkets, Wal-Mart stores, McDonald’s.  For the mere cost of $1 plus tax, Dvd’s can be rented for one night and can even be reserved online.  Their competition DVDplay, and MovieCube don’t yet offer online rental reservation.  On Mondays you can even get a free rental code by subscribing to notices from RedBox sent via SMS to your cellphone.  However, I prefer to get those codes from a website called InsideRedBox.

Next and last, but definitely not the least, is Netflix.  Because you can’t get every DVD title from any one source nor in the Blu-ray format!  Right now RedBox doesn’t have any Blu-ray within a 50 mile radius of me.  And the fact is you can only put so many titles in one kiosk.  Too bad the rates on Netflix went up a little bit for the Blu-ray, but overall still a good deal.  Consider too that Netflix also offers at no extra cost some streaming movies.  Not that big on streaming movies myself, but not complaining.

Well, I’ve got some neighbors to bother with my home theatre system.  CIAO!

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  1. dvd rentral says:

    Netflix is great for downloading movies from my past experiences.

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