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September 10, 2009
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September 15, 2009

iPod Touch Movie Poster frames w Adobe PSE

iPod Poster Frame

If you’ve ever transferred a video, perhaps a ripped movie, to your iPod Touch or iPhone (and own Adobe Photoshop Elements 7) then this post may be useful to you.  Attached will be a PSE 7 template file to use for creating poster frames, those little pictures you see for mp3’s and movies, but here especially for 16×9 videos.

My preferred size for making poster frames is 300(h)x300(w) @ 72dpi.  Depending on your music/movie player, this size seems pretty ideal in terms of image quality and file size.  If I don’t do my own screen capture of something that’s in the video, I might search for a suitable picture from the Internet.  There seem to be many DVD covers out there.

Since movie posters and DVD covers don’t fit nice and evenly into 300×300 square poster frames, that’s were my template comes in handy.  You basically drag-n-drop an image into it, do very little adjusting, and you’ve got something that should look similar to the image above.

One important step not to miss, and I wish I had time to be more detailed so I apologize if you don’t know Photoshop Elements well enough, is you should give the image (i.e. DVD cover) a bit of black border before you use the template.  This can be done by increasing the canvas size by say 20 pixels (sometimes alot more) and making the canvas extension color black.

Whatever doesn’t fit perfectly just looks like it has a nice black border.  Outside of that is another border that seems (IMO) to blend and fill out the rest rather nicely.  So grab it if you want to here:  Download A Poster Frame Template

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