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June 14, 2010
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October 2, 2010

3TA Sony’s BDP-BX57

Bdp-bx57-menu1Here's three things about (3TA) Sony's BDP-BX57 you might want to know:

First, this player is currently on sale at Costco for $229.99 plus tax and $40 off until September 12, 2010.  At this price it has more features, and is about $100 less, than BD models that came out a year ago.

Second, if you want this unit to output Dolby HD, or DTS HD audio then make sure set to OFF in the BD Audio Mix Setting.  My Onkyo amp was telling me I was getting PCM until I did this. The closest to the user manual giving this away is on p23 IMO.

Third, when setting up the Netflix access the unit asked me to use my computer to visit internet.sony.tv/Netflix  There I had to register my email and password at that site to allow my player to handle Netflix.  And then I still had to head over to Netflix on the PC to activate my device as authorized to play content from them on my account.  Somewhat cumbersome, but could have been worse I suppose.

Other stuff…

Since I bought this at Costco, it came with an HDMI cable as most of their DVD players do.  This particular model can be controlled with a free App (I haven't got it working yet) if you have an iPod Touch or iPhone.  If you need to enter text, you don't have to use the numbers on the remote, the directional pad works too!  For now I think this unit is a keeper for me; I don't care if it can do 3D or not.

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