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July 16, 2011
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October 24, 2011

Kwikset SmartKey Keyhole Orientation

If you just bought one of those Kwikset SmartKey products, you may come to find out that when you install it, the keyhole is upside down.  When I had this happen the included instructions were of  no help to fix this situation.  However, I read on the Internet about a tool that you need to get from the manufacturer (Kwikset) which allows the cylinder to be removed and then inserted back in the right orientation.  I called the toll-free # for Kwikset Customer Service and they sent me one for FREE.

When the thing arrived it also came with instructions.  Couldn’t figure them out.  It wasn’t until I saw this video on YouTube which finally helped me connect the dots.  The guy talks about using an allen wrench and a screwdriver, but I found it much easier to use the tool from Kwikset.  Take a look at the video if you’re stuck.  Hope it helps.


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    120 ads hard drive?

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