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July 19, 2011
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Ten Things I Love About the Epic 4G Touch

AKA – What’s better in the new  Galaxy S II (Epic 4G Touch) versus the original Galaxy S (Epic 4G)

  1. GPS – Works really fast at getting your location even when it was off at first.
  2. Battery – It really lasts! Using Wi-Fi, GPS, and taking pictures still leaves something for calls.
  3. Size – The screen is 4.52” and the body is so thin it sits comfortably in a pocket.
  4. Screen – Resists smudges and it’s easy to read in direct sunlight.
  5. Startup – From OFF to ‘ON’ very fast.
  6. Weight – Feels like it’s barely there. [-] It’s kinda slippery though… feels like I’ll drop it.
  7. Kies air – This App let’s you connect to your phone using a web browser from a PC, and (if it’s on the phone) view pictures and videos, listen to mp3’s, see your call log, see your text msgs and send txt msgs; you can also upload them to the phone from your PC.
  8. Camera – Taking pictures it feels like there isn’t any lag between focusing and shooting. The Gallery is like the wind going from one photo to the next.
  9. Android – Yep, not a fan of Apple’s iOS.
  10. I have one.

There’s no physical keyboard in this Sprint model, but not to be missed much since there’s voice command which includes search and texting.  Also, the virtual keyboard on the larger screen works well enough.

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