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October 24, 2011
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April 29, 2017

Upgrading my Apple IIGS Memory

My current Apple IIGS is not the original one I had from long ago.  This one that I bought on eBay (not recently) certainly didn’t come with nearly the same amount of memory mine had.  It wasn’t until recently that I decided to do something about it.  I found a company called ch-systems selling an 8MB memory expansion card.  Compare that to the 8GB or more in most modern desktop computers today.  Their product labeled “ByteBoosters DarkRAM-8MB” was about credit card sized and takes way less space than the original memory card that came with the computer.

DarkRAM-8MB in Apple IIGS

DarkRAM-8MB in Apple IIGS

For about $65, which included shipping, my item arrived in Los Angeles from GERMANY within 10 days of my purchase.  Thankfully, no customs duties were levied.  One alternative from A2heaven I’ve considered seems to offer both a RAMDISK and ROMDISK option along with 8MB expansion.  Not bad for around $90 which also included shipping, but not for me on either feature.

Installation was so easy.  Pretty much the same precautions as a stick of DDR4, but without worrying about dual channel, or single-sided,  or if the memory card is QVL approved.  Removal is just as easy.  The good old days!

To test whether everything seemed like it should I did run some software which would be various games.  Unfortunately, nothing requiring too much memory could be used since I have no RGB monitor and everything would then look horrible on COMPOSITE output.  That’s when I came across MegaMemoryTester 2.1 and used that program via the ProDos 8 application.  I used Ciderpress to extract the ProDos files to a .DO image and put that onto my FloppyEMU.  I’d recommend booting to ProDos 2.4.1 (you may need to add this to your FloppyEMU 5.25 Floppy Folder if not already there) and use Bitsy Bye to launch the program.

MegaMemoryTester 2.1 RESULTS

MegaMemoryTester 2.1 RESULTS

And with that I feel confident I’ve got something that will work!

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